How does 4guard work?

Innovative etui 4guard blocks 100% RFID signalcredit cards.
Just put the card in our specialetui,to block the emission of a signal and thereby prevent unauthorized reading of data from the card.
If you want to conveniently pay approaching the card reader in a store or restaurant, it is enough that you remove it from the etui

The product protects the following types of cards:

- all non-contact-type cards Paypass, Paywave, Wave and Blink;
- new student cards;
- credit cards
- Transport cards;
- Access cards for buildings operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz;
- MIFARE cards, HID and Class, DESFire

Protects against unauthorized reading and data theft with proximity cards, credit, debit, identifiers.
Protects money and personal information from theft at public crowded spaces such as: mass events, shopping malls, matches, concerts, tube, busses festivals ...



The threat / Danger

Credit card has a special chip, that enables reading data and retrieve the money.
Simply the thief with the reader came near to your wallet, pocket or purse to read signal transmitted by the card!
Nowadays technologies evolves so fast, that unauthorized reading of data or theft of payment cards is increasingly being recorded crime. Data theft is now very simple, allows that a free applicationfor Smartphones allows reading data include payment cards.
Available on the market applications also allows to keep track of its owner without his/theirknowledge.

To prove the dangers of having a card reader journalists in the United States made a film in which show how easy it is to read data from random people cards in the shopping mall.


MATERIALS & TECHNOLOGY etui is manufactured with attention to quality of materials and aesthetic details.

Our developed material consists of three layers:

blocking layeris part of the impermeable radio waves on the basis of that work proximity cards;

base layer - extremely durable construction material that gives the opportunity to print;

protection layer - protects the case from external factors such as moisture and dirt;

The effectiveness of protection of personal data and measures financial confirmed by tests at Silesian University of Technology

The dimentions 56x86 mm and easily fits in all types of wallets and covers for documents.
It is made of a thin material so you you do not feel that you have it in your wallet.Fits perfectly into any wallet (fits in a pocket on the card).
Finished to a high gloss!

Each etui is individually packaged in a special foil.

case for payment card

- Excellent advertising medium

Customize print:

Card Company!
Card berth!
Gift Card!
Loyalty card!
Advertising product!
Advertising services!

Now always in your clients wallets!

Strengthen security offered to your customers always a step ahead on the latest dangers in technology development.
Due to the new production technology, prices for our produt are comparable to the price of the highest quality business cards!

Smart etui 4guard as the BUSINESS CARD your brand!


Innovative product
at your shop


What will bring benefits?

Show off etui with interesting graphics near a payment terminal it arouses great interest of your customers.
English have more than 60 million cards, credit cards, debit cards, etui increase the company’s revenue, and will have positive impact on it's image
Currently, you can purchase a protective etui only on the Internet
We design for your brand unique graphics and put your trademark.

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